1. Silver I to Gold V


  2. Silver I to Gold IV

    "I didn't always have the most consistent schedule, but they were great about being flexible and getting two division of gold duo q done. Much appreciated! Thanks!"

  3. Bronze I to Silver V

    "Great + fast service +++"

  4. Silver III to Platinum V

    "Nice interface :)"

  5. Silver V to Gold V

    "He did a great job just a bit longer then the estimated time."

  6. Bronze II to Gold V

    "Good boosters - you can even decide which lane they should playrecommend them to everyone"

  7. Gold V to Diamond IV

    "Some really awesome Guys, that goes that extra mile to make sure everyone gets satifised !

    Would surely use him again, if i ever needs it.

    Struggled a bit in the higher end of Diamond, but got the work done within the time limit, so only good things to say !

    Even offered to use a VPN on my request with my desired country, and agreed to go with the lanes of my choise
    And did it without using my League points, or changing my runes/masteries

    If i have to say something bad, it would be he is lagging a bit of english skills, but nothing that coulden't be dealt with

    Rep ++"

  8. Gold IV to Gold IV

    "Ordered 6 placements games, 4 wins, 2 losses, 1 being litterally unwinnable because of teammates. Still expected winrate.

    Price is ok, delivery was very fast. And the guy was nice.

    Would recommend."

  9. Silver IV to Silver III

    "Got me the win I wanted and the promotion to the next tier! definitely use him"

  10. Gold IV to Gold III

    "Awesome booster!
    Really friendly.
    My first experience boosting and it was a good one.
    They managed to boost from G4 to G3 easy , 6/6 wins.

  11. Silver V to Silver I

    "Perfect boost in Silver 1, not my first aswell. Solid guy!"

  12. Gold I to Platinum V

    "So the boost finished of nicely 4 net wins in gold 1 and he carried all of them hard!"

  13. Silver V to Gold V

    "It is a good site"

  14. Platinum I to Diamond V

    "Bought p1-d5 boost will begin soon

    boost completed quite quickly and successfully."

  15. Gold III to Gold I

    "Job well done. Only 1 loss due to autofill and some very weird picks by teammates. Would recommend 10/10"

  16. Silver V to Gold V

    "Nice guy ,carried so hard! top lane talent!"

  17. Silver I to Gold V

    "I bought Silver I to Gold 5

    Job done... He did a great job!


  18. Diamond V to Diamond IV

    "Over all great boost carried about 10 games and made some really good plays"

  19. Gold V to Gold V

    "Boosted 2 of my placements did a great job also got 2 free s-ranks really can recommend him"

  20. Gold IV to Gold III

    "Great Service, friendly guys! Boosting me in GOLD 4 Elo High MMR easily."

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