1. Gold II to Gold I

    Really nice guy, really prompt responses.
    Did a g2 > g1 job for me, 10/10
    Would use again!

  2. Silver I to Gold V

    I like to say is good Boosted and friendly . And booster do good job from silver 1 to gold 5 very fast . Thanks again will come back and buy again .

  3. Silver V to Gold V

    Nice guy ,carried so hard! top lane talent!

  4. Silver III to Gold V

    One of the Best Boost services. I am asking them for a job and five minutes later we started the DuoQ. Really good prices and a fast completion

  5. Annie 5-6 lvl mastery

    He carry the game hard and push all towers :)

  6. Bronze V to Bronze I

    Good and fast

  7. Platinum II to Diamond V

    Very nice guys! Bought Plat 2 to Diamond 5 and they did an awesome job!

  8. Silver III to Silver II

    Hey :)
    bought boost here & and he will start later :)
    I will write my Feedback after the job is done :)
    But i can say that he is a really trustfull person :)

  9. Gold II to Gold I

    Very good service, their booster did his job in less than 2 hours. He dominated hard with 5/0 as an ADC. Cheap and fast,highly recommended.

  10. Gold IV to Gold II

    Nice and fast booster! Completes the task on time, will return 100%

  11. Silver I to Gold IV

    Good stuff ++

  12. Silver IV to Silver III

    Order silver 4 to 3 was really fast and got always amazing score ;)

  13. Silver IV to Silver III

    Good,reliable boosters

  14. Silver IV to Silver III

    Carries 2 games with lucian as adc and in one of them he did a penta! good service, nice contact!

  15. Silver V to Silver I

    Perfect boost in Silver 1, not my first aswell. Solid guy!

  16. Platinum I to Diamond V

    Pretty fantastic group of people, if I may say ;3
    Done in 6 hours, P1 - D5, we went 9-1. The lost game was due to a player disconnecting level 2 and our top tilting harder than the Titanic because of the enemy jungler. Was very friendly and nice to play with. Our early games were rough, due to junglers and mids wanting to be in the lane, but always came back and played very smart. Even skipped a division on the account he played on with not so friendly ping. Thank you again ♥

  17. Gold II to Platinum V

    Pretty good booster . Recommend him!!!

  18. Silver I - 2 Net Wins

    The live support is friendly and fast. The boosters are of course very good. One game lost so far, out of 10. For the lost game the booster played 2 more gsmes for free!! This website is awesome !

  19. Silver II to Gold IV

    Love it

  20. Platinum III to Platinum II

    Orderd flexq boost (6 games). His booster did a great job and he is very friendly.
    This was allready my 2nd order to him and i would recommand him every time again.

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