1. Silver II to Gold V

    XDD Nice GG~!

  2. Diamond II to Diamond I

    Great and very friendly booster , amazing guy that did it within 12 hours x)

    Challenger MMR account against many LCS Pros

    10/10 would recommend

  3. Silver III to Platinum IV

    Would recommend. Took a while but only cuz it was DuoQ and they had to work around my schedule.
    We won pretty much 90% of the games.
    Friendly Boosters

  4. Annie 5-6 lvl mastery

    Booster have make a stable Job

  5. Bronze I to Silver V

    I paid for 3 wins and got 3 wins it was fast and easy,Thank you vital!

  6. Bronze I to Gold V

    Great boosting nice comunicaton , everything but recommended

  7. Gold IV to Gold III

    Awesome booster!
    Really friendly.
    My first experience boosting and it was a good one.
    They managed to boost from G4 to G3 easy , 6/6 wins.

  8. Bronze I to Silver V

    Great + fast service +++

  9. Gold IV to Gold II

    Nice and fast booster! Completes the task on time, will return 100%

  10. Gold V to Diamond IV

    Some really awesome Guys, that goes that extra mile to make sure everyone gets satifised !

    Would surely use him again, if i ever needs it.

    Struggled a bit in the higher end of Diamond, but got the work done within the time limit, so only good things to say !

    Even offered to use a VPN on my request with my desired country, and agreed to go with the lanes of my choise
    And did it without using my League points, or changing my runes/masteries

    If i have to say something bad, it would be he is lagging a bit of english skills, but nothing that coulden't be dealt with

    Rep ++

  11. Platinum IV to Platinum II

    Great communication & friendly , coming back for more in the future!
    One of the best DuoQ prices around

  12. Silver IV to Silver II

    He played really good and is kind Can recommend ++

  13. Silver IV to Silver III

    I bought a promo win, i'd want to post screenshot too because he was really awesome, hee was lee sin and annie, carried hard bot game, really recomended service

  14. Diamond V to Diamond IV

    Purchased d5 to d4, starting in 15 mins or so :) very nice on skype helped me with my first black market trade.

  15. Silver V to Silver IV

    I recommend this service:)

  16. Gold V to Platinum V

    Done gold 5 plat 5 duoQ won almost all games.

    They got really nice boosters. 100%recomm

  17. Gold IV to Gold III

    Great Service, friendly guys! Boosting me in GOLD 4 Elo High MMR easily.

  18. Gold II to Gold I

    Really nice guy, really prompt responses.
    Did a g2 > g1 job for me, 10/10
    Would use again!

  19. Annie 5-6 lvl mastery

    He carry the game hard and push all towers :)

  20. Silver II to Gold V

    Ordered silver 2 to gold 5 boost (:
    Was a fast and friendly good boost and I would buy it again (:

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