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At - POE Shop, we offer the purchase of most of the existing in-game currencies. The currency trading process is really simple – just follow these single steps to get your desired currency:


First, select your league - Ritual Softcore, Ritual Hardcore, etc.


Then enter the amount of desired currency.


Click the "Press to Add" button. You can add multiple items in one order.


Press Checkout and review your order. Fill in your information by the special fields – type your email, in game name and description if you want to let us know about anything.


Choose your payment method and press Purchase.


Please make sure you have some thrash items to exchange it for the purchased currency. This is necessary to make the trade look clean for the Path of Exile anti real money trading system.

After purchasing currency from our store, you will be instantly receive email with your currency cart details at Vital-EloBoost. If you have any questions, you can always contact us via email [email protected] or through the online chat at this website. You can also inquire about the arrival of the product you are interested in if it is not available.

We would like to warn you that the fact of buying or selling game currency in any form is a violation of the rules of the game. Unlike most other sellers, we are not going to deceive you and tell you that buying currency from us will protect you from in-game penalties. At the same time, we want to assure you that, for our part, we are doing everything possible to minimize risks. On your part, you should not neglect the instructions for making a transaction, as well as tell third parties that you purchased game currency for real money.


eZLlama after boost to Platinum V
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Did games for me in high gold elo, carried easily with 2 different roles. Despite he lost 1 game, he still managed to come out with a positive score and tried his best to carry. Very pleasant to deal with and helpful. Would recommend and come again!
titanbubble after boost to Gold V
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my 1st experience on boosting vry good ordered s3-g5 1day ago, s1 now not finished yet but rate them now cuze they really awsome! im nt even worried 😀 +++
Hanami after boost to Diamond V
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Pretty fantastic group of people, if I may say ;3 Done in 6 hours, P1 – D5, we went 9-1. The lost game was due to a player disconnecting level 2 and our top tilting harder than the Titanic because of the enemy jungler. Was very friendly and nice to play with. Our early games were rough, due to junglers and mids wanting to be in the lane, but always came back and played very smart. Even skipped a division on the account he played on with not so friendly ping. Thank you again ♥
phoenixendk after boost to Diamond III
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Some really awesome Guys, that goes that extra mile to make sure everyone gets satifised ! Would surely use him again, if i ever needs it. Struggled a bit in the higher end of Diamond, but got the work done within the time limit, so only good things to say ! Even offered to use a VPN on my request with my desired country, and agreed to go with the lanes of my choise And did it without using my League points, or changing my runes/masteries If i have to say something bad, it would be he is lagging a bit of english skills, but nothing that coulden’t be dealt with Rep ++
jezad23 after boost to Platinum II
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Excellent service! I was worry about the site’s legitimacy until i was given immediate refund when there was no available boost for my region. Was surprisingly informed the next day that my region was available. Excellent performance from my booster! Quickly got me to my desired division! efficient and at reasonable price. The best site for boosting so far. Bravo!

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