End of TFT set 5.5. Do you know what the top TFT tier comps are?

End of TFT set 5.5. Do you know what the top TFT tier comps are?

Since set 5.5 of TFT is coming to an end, we think it’s a good time to sit back and review the top TFT comps of this patch, so that everyone has a good setup for their climb.

1. Ranger Revenant

Aphelios has became much stronger after the change to his ult which deals massive damage now at the cost of higher mana. This comp is all about revenant plus Teemo and Lulu to supporting Aphelios with heavy CC chains. While Askhan and Teemo can be a threat at 2 stars as well.

Aphelios items: Guinsoo Rageblade/Deathblade/HoJ or BT

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2. Crit Lucian Sentinels

Lucian has always been a well-rounded carry in every meta from the beginning of this set. In the TFT Reckoning China Final, Lucian was scary with the hybrid crit build which deals massive hybrid burst damage that shreds through even 4 knights front-line and can one-shot corner carry with the right positioning.

Lucian items: IE/JG/HoJ

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3. AP + Abomination

Abomination is hard to balance and after many changes, it has became a powerful tank and CC units which fit best with AP carries like Velkoz, Teemo or Heimerdinger since the 3 abom units synergies really well with them.

Items: Velkoz: Shojin/1 AP item/ 1 sustain item

Heimerdinger: Shojin/Archangels/1 AP item

Teemo: Shojin or Blue/1 AP item/ 1 sustain item

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4. Draven

With the change to Legionnaire (which provide sustain now) as well of Draven ability to ignore target’s armor, the Glorius Executioner can just go full damage item now, in TFT Reckoning China Final, first row Draven position is also becoming popular to nullify his low base attack range.

Draven items: IE/GS/Guinsoo

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5. Yasuo Nightbringers / Riven 6 Legionnaire

Also with the change to Legionnaire mentioned above, other 3 cost Legionnaire carries can now go full damage too without the need of sustain item (BT or HoJ), which make the comp much more stronger than before.

Yasuo items: Runnans/JG/RFC or Cav spat

Riven items: Runnans/DB/LW

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top tier comps tft

6. Dawnbringer

With the excessive buffs to all the dawnbringer champions, Garen and Karma has became meta again. This comp deals massive AOE damage and can easily transition into a high-cap legendary board with Teemo Volibear and Heimerdinger. Go 6 Dawnbringer or 4 Dawbriner + Revenant or Invoker depends on what you hit during your rolls.

Karma items: Blue/AP item/AP item

Garen items: Warmog/Tank item

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7. 1 cost reroll comps

1 cost reroll looks strong too with the 40hp come-back system. Reroll players now can open fort to hit their interest and picking the best possible items. After that they spike hard with their 3 stars units and 40hp reward at the same time, which increases the game’s tempo massively. Here are some notable reroll comps: Kled Hellions/Vayne/Kalista+Aatrox. If you are given a lot of gold at the start and hit some of the above units, it’s a good strategy to make a 5 lose streak and play a reroll game!

For other unmentioned comps or further itemizations, you can check this website which is updated weekly: lolchess.gg

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