Everything You Must Know about League of Legends

The League of Legends or LOL is a famous multiplayer online battle arena game. It started out a few years back. This game was released in 2009. This game offers the players the standard 5v5 mode, which has been made available in other multiplayer online games which depths the 2 teams over each other through the map which they call the Summoner’s Rift. The primary goal of this game is to ruin the base of the enemies, which they call the Nexus.

The LOL game has added the 3v3 choice to the multiplayer online battle arena game genre. It has launched the Dominion gameplay mode. In this play mode, the players need to catch and can get 5 points to lessen the health of the Nexus. This mode of the game wishes to make a faster paced game play. In this game, you will be needing a lot of things to be able to level up and to win against your opponents. One of which is the lol boosting.

Understanding the need for League of Legends Elo Boost

Elo is the system that is being used by LOL before Season 3 started. It was the time when the League system was also introduced to the public. The Elo rank system is a way to calculate the skill levels of the players. It was then made for 2 players only like Chess. It was invented by Arpad Elo, who happens to be a Hungarian American physics Professor. He is also a chess player. This method was made to improve the rating system for chess, however, it has been taken by most game developers too. The same method is now being used for multiplayer games. The league of the legend boosting method is now being used by the matchmaking in the ranked games. That’s to be able to find other players of the same level play with them or against them before the introduction of the next season.

What is matchmaking and why lol Boost is important?

The Match making Boosting or better known as the MMR is better known as the Eloboost. It is an action where in the place or the booster will log into another player’s account or called the boostee to be able to play the ranked game. Though, it is normally accepted the intention for doing this is to boost the MMR of the booster, any ranked game that will be played by someone that isn’t made by the game creator might be known as punishable.

Why it isn’t allowed?

The MMR boosting method might seem like a white lie or an unintentional crime, however, it can lead to negative outcomes on the game and may affect the other players. The league of legends system first and foremost has been made so that the players will be in a proper tier with the others who will be at the same skill or level.

But, if the player’s MMR went through boosting, it is unnatural for him/her to become suited to the same level as the others or even go beyond their level. They will be qualified for the new tier game afterwards. If the player is not ready to keep up with the others at a higher level during the match, they will just degrade the game experience which will affect the others who are well qualified.

It normally takes hard work, commitment, time, energy and sweat for someone to be able to earn the higher rank in LOL. The league boosting degrades and lowers down the value of the players to earn normally among the others.

But of course, this is the best way for the others to be able to be on the higher level. If they are ready to face the consequences and can find it challenging to win in every gain to match the others that are well skilled, then there is nothing wrong. At the end of the day, the players will still decide for themselves. You just need to be sure that you will get the League boosting from a company that’s recognized so your money will be well spent and your rank level will also improve.




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