How to Play League of Legends Like a Pro – Tips by Challenger

How to Play League of Legends Like a Pro

League of legends is very complex game with many different aspects to learn and improve on. Your every move during ~30 minutes game may cause your team to get ahead or to fall behind, which may get yourself blamed for that. Since it is very hard to learn all of this on your own, we are giving some tips on how to become better or even play like a pro player.

First of all let’s point out what are those aspects that we have mentioned earlier. Your game usually requires two components from you: game knowledge and mechanical skill. Mechanical skill includes kiting, your movement, landing skillshots and dodging those, and etc. Game knowledge consists of map awareness, knowledge about champions, their powerspikes, strength and weaknesses on all stages of the game. Very important thing that doesn’t go to any of these categories is your attitude, but it is very crucial to remember about it. And that is what we start with.

1. Attitude

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League of legends creators have published statistics on the game win percentage, depending on if you are a toxic player or not. And without surprise, players who are not acting toxic way win more games than those who are. What does it mean? It means that when you are being negative, during the game you are wasting your time to flame your team for any of mistakes that you personally could make. And it is not only with your time being wasted, but your teammates who are replying to you. That’s crushing the team spirit, that takes your attention away from the game, and all the aspects you were focusing before, now are basically almost forgotten, it is impossible to have good win percentage when you spend more time in the chat than in the game, that is a true fact. Be good to others, and they will be good to you, and in that case games will become easier to win, since it is a TEAM game, that’s what you have to remember! Many pro players did face attitude problem in the past, but once they’ve become pro they always keep themselves calm towards their teammates.

2. Map awareness

That is one of the most crucial aspects in the game. You have to know where every single enemy is until you make a decision to be more aggressive, this is what every lane should remember. That’s why every pro player takes a look onto minimap every 5-7 seconds, or even more regularly. You can’t train yourself to that immediately but it may come with some time if you actually focus on that.

3. Learn 3 champions

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More than 130 champions exist in League of Legends and it is impossible to be perfect at every single one of them. To be better as a player knowing 2-3 champions perfectly is crucial(for each role one champion). Perfect knowledge of a champion allows you to focus on the game itself not on your champion. You will automatically cast your abilities knowing how much damage approximately it will do, you won’t have to think about your champion strength and weakness because you already know it, you are used to it. And that allows you to focus on different matchups and teamfights where you are focusing on mechanics, not the abilities of your champion. As a pro player you usually pick 1-2 roles to master them, get 2 or 3 champions on each role mastered, and you will become closer to higher rank. It may be hard to find a champion you really love playing a lot, but after some tryouts, you will find perfect one for you. Whatever role he belongs to, or even if he is flexible for several lanes, learn everything possible about his gameplay on every lane.

4. Educating yourself outside the game

Learning the game on different guides(specific champions for example, what can help you to master your champion faster), watching pro player streams, pro scene tournaments and analyzing all of their decisions(on a particular move, or itemization, etc.) will help you to improve way faster on the game, because learning these things with a help from pro players will speed up your training process and get you to micro part of the game.

5. Farming

That’s actually funny part to talk about, but surprisingly even high elo players sometimes forget, that most of the money you get in the game, comes from farming creeps, not hunting kills(may be different if you are smurfing on a way lower elo than you belong to). Practise your last hits, if you want to become closer to the name of pro. Your goal is to have at least 200 cs as a laner to 20 minutes. Some cs can be compensated by kills, but remember that 1 kill is just 14+- minions. Besides last hitting lane minions you can also farm your jungle when the jungler is in opposite side of the map making a gank or counter jungling. Wave management will help you to get your creep score to pointed mark, or to find a time for you to clear the jungle. There are many educational videos in the internet. Click to reach Dong Huap guide

6. Learn current meta

In League of Legends, meta changes every couple of months or even more regularly, and twice per year those changes are really huge. Changes can be different, it may be some champion relevance, or total nerf of in-game items, but being unaware of it may cause you to lose some games until you actually decide to read patch notes.
You can track the meta changes on pro players, such website as will also help you with itemization on your champion in this patch, if there have been some item changes.

This website brings you the relevant statistics on match results from pro players on champions you choose and also from all servers, so if you stick to korean pro player’s style, there is easy option for you to copy from them. This kind of websites give you possibility to check current champion rune pages or items to build based on latest pro players matches Tracking all of these things will keep you updated and informed about any changes on high level of competitive game.

7. Warding

Not much to talk about here, but also a very important moment to keep yourself secure. Today everyone higher than silver rank knows that you have to buy and place wards. They give you information about enemy team movements, and keep yourself safe in case you don’t have vision of enemy jungler. Learn how to ward properly by guides and that brings you onto next level of your gameplay.

8. Focus on objectives

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You can’t win a game without taking objectives. But it may be hard to make a decision on taking a tower or pushing a lane go to base instead. It is all different according to your game situation, but in the start of the game it usually all comes to wave management. Players are focusing on minions and towers are taken in the process, mostly by the minion damage. But this is about taking tier 1 towers out. And when they are taken players usually do some rotating strategy and swap lanes, so the lane that have taken tower can put pressure on other one. But thing is that players are aiming toward objectives more than minions, no matter in what danger they may appear after, since they have no protection when walking past broken turret, unless their team is nearby. But taking towers surely gives you a lot of advantages such as team gold, deep jungle vision, and pressure towards enemy team, which doesn’t let them leave their lanes freely.

9. Review your own games

Watching pro scene games is essential when it comes to improving to the level of pro, but it has not much affect when you don’t review your own games. You may have knowledge from seeing those professional games but you can’t adjust it right after you received it to your own games. What does it mean is that during watching your games you will see that you are still making mistakes even after learning how to avoid them, you still analyze games, and find a way to use this knowledge on your own gameplay from the other side. In game you may think that you are doing all the right way, but when it comes to watching it from other perspective you will see that you could do way better. That’s why it influences your skill a lot.

10. Understand when to have a break

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If you wonder how to get closer to higher elo, then this tip will help you improve your gameplay excessively.
From the start of your gaming day you have a feeling about your mood state, if you feel like nervous or depressed, better get yourself into a normal game to chill out and have some fun. When you feel well and jump in ranked, playing matches without a break can be bad for your in game performance. If you’re winning game by game then there is no reason to stop! You’re definitely in the right state of mind and winning games is not a problem at all.

However, if you’re losing many games and getting depressed of that then you’re probably in a bad mental state with lots of negativity that can be released into game chat. The best way to prevent further losses and get back onto winning streak is to stop playing and take a break. During your break try not to think of the game, do something you like what is not connected with LoL, or you can jump into normal games where you may have some fun with friends and get back into your normal mood.

11. Communication

League of legends is a TEAM game on the first place. That means that you have to communicate with other people to win the game. Don’t forget to give them any sort of information, like if enemy is missing summoner abilities, or is missing from your sight of view what could mean that he is rotating somewhere to gank or to make an ambush. New system of pings does make all of this incredibly easy, you don’t even have to use chat to share the information with team members. Usually in these cases chat is used to discuss with your jungler game plan, or diving into a turret decision. Again, to make it work better, don’t forget to use the minimap, because besides giving information, you receive it as well. Pings are shown on minimap and that is one more reason for you to take a look on it more often. And most importantly, never blame your teammates for anything – this will not help you win the game, but it may, on the contrary, complicate everything!

12. Coaching

Coaching in every single sport is a huge part of getting you improved. Same with league of legends. As we’ve mentioned before it is a complex game with many different strategies, tactics and aspects themselves that you have to know and remember about when climbing to desired rank. But since it is very hard you may use direct help from players with experience, and who have already achieved one of the top ranks in the game. With this help all your educational process may speed up in several times, because it may be hard for yourself to look onto different guides and have different points of view after reading them. Coaching clarifies all your thoughts on particular topics, and gives you way more game knowledge than you could get yourself alone. And our website provides you with this kind of service, high skilled players with a rank of d1+ on European, American or other servers and we are ready to help you in any way requested.

Congratulations, you managed and came to the end!

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Some of you may think that all these tips are just common senses. But why is the common sense when even pro players always remind themselves of these tips? After being stuck on some rank, don’t blame your teammates, don’t wait for them to change, change yourself and wait, soon you will climb higher and face better players. It most likely won’t happen immediately, it may take even up to couple of years, but if you train yourself hard and follow things what high rank players advice you, you will surely improve and have a chance to fight for the place in list of top league of legends players on your server.

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