Is LoL Elo Boost safe?

Is LoL Elo Boost safe?

Would you like to receive great rewards for reaching a high rank, but don’t want to risk your account? Well, let’s not wait and admit right away – at this moment TFT and LoL Elo boost can be considered completely safe, at least if the boost is performed by the Vital-EloBoost service. This statement is based on the fact that we have not received a single complaint about bans for boosting since 2019 – we have a lot to be proud of!

If everything is so simple, then why do people ask the question “Is Elo Boost safe”? The fact is that before, with bans for Elo Boost, everything was more complicated – the chance of being banned was about 4%, which, in general, is not much, but still quite risky. We cannot say for sure why Elo Boost has become safer now. Maybe Riot Games began to pursue a more peaceful policy, or maybe the fact is that the Elo Boosting industry has evolved, and with it we have, and our security methods have grown to such a high level? Who knows? One thing is for sure, if the chance of being banned for Elo Boost in LoL and TFT still exists, then it is close to zero. Especially if you trust your account with the safe and reliable League Elo Boosting service.

Reliable service for safe Elo Boost.

Speaking about the safety of Elo Boost, one cannot fail to mention the reliability of the websites that provide it. It is worth separating service sites and single boosters – yes, sometimes finding a booster and ordering a private Boost from him will be cheaper, but in this case, there is no need to talk about any security. Even if you come across a decent performer, even if he is a great player, he alone most likely will not be able to implement such a complex of security measures as a large website, simply because he does not have enough resources and knowledge in this area.

Websites act as intermediaries between clients and boosters and are guarantors of the fulfillment of the obligations of both parties to the transaction. In 2021, by entering something like “buy LoL Elo Boost” in Google, you will find hundreds of different sites selling Boosts, but how do you know which ones are safe? You can pay attention to several factors, such as live reviews on Trustpilot, various anti-scam services, Alexa ranking, and so on.

elo boost reviewsFor example, has an Alexa rank of around 190,000, in 47th place, and around 1,600. The rating is calculated based on various indicators, one of which is the popularity of the site. You might think that we are quite far from the top, however, it is worth remembering that the difference between sites at 1 and 2 ranks can be tens of millions of visitors per day, but then this number decreases exponentially and between 200,000 and 300,000 places the difference can be like 10-15 visitors a day. Rank calculations also consider the age of a domain and how reliable it looks to people and search engines. Some of the most popular LoL Elo Boost sites have ratings ranging from 160,000 to 300,000, so we’re pretty good for our industry. You can also stumble upon sites with a rating of 1.000.000 and below – this does not mean that such a site is really bad, but it says that you should be careful and double check everything before giving data from your account.

elo boost reviewslol boosting reviews

When it comes to reviews on Trustpilot, when checking, pay attention to the quality of the reviews and the ratio of bad to good. If a site has an average rating of 4.9, this does not mean that it is really so good – it often happens that the owners of Elo Boosting services buys positive reviews or forces their boosters to write. You can go to the detailed overview of statistics – it will show exactly how people are invited to write reviews. If you see a small number of automatic invitations, it may mean that the site is manipulating the system and most of the reviews are fake. In addition, Trustpilot allows us to delete some reviews – not directly, but nevertheless it is possible. For this there is a special procedure that takes several days, after which the review is removed from the list, but you can see the censorship statistics. Trustpilot is a good service to help you learn more about a merchant if you use it correctly.

These are the main things to mention when talking about the safe LoL Elo Boost. We hope you find this post useful!


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