Does Your LOL Rank Matter? You can Boost It Though

In a game like of League of Legends or LOL, there are different measuring sticks when it comes to the players’ status. There is of course the status of being rich because in LOL you will need to buy the characters or Champions as they are called to play them. Don’t worry though as you can play some free Champions that you may or may not already have yet. Speaking of Champions you can also buy skins for them. Skins give the Champions an alternate look. For example one of the Champions is Katarina. Her classic skin or default look has her with her pink hair and black outfit. One of her skins would be the Bilgewater Katarina where she looks like a pirate complete with black hair, an eye patch and red outfit. Basically the different Champions of LOL have multiple skins to buy. Just remember that these skins have nothing to offer other than aesthetics so it doesn’t matter if you have one or none.

The other measuring stick which stands out to be a bit more important is the rank. Ranks from the lowest to the highest are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger. In order to increase your rank, you will need to play multiple games. The important games are those that are ranked matches. You need to win your ranked matches so that you can increase your rank. Once you reach the tier I of your current rank, you can then do promotional matches where you have to win them so that you can be promoted. Lets say you’re Bronze I and winning 3 of your promotional matches will promote you to Silver V. Then just repeat until you reach Silver I and go for Gold then Platinum and so on. That sounds easy but it actually isn’t because winning your matches can be a hit or a miss. You do play with other people so chances are you may lose in some occasions. Losing can also mean that you will drop to your previous rank. You may drop from Silver V to Bronze I and that’s a pain.

The good thing is that there are elo boosting services to help you increase your rank. ELO is basically the system used in LOL where it matches you up with other players of the same rank and skill set. Like if you are Silver III then you can be matched up against other Silver III players or usually there is like a plus minus thing where you can be paired up against other Silvers from V to I. Going back to League of Legends ELO boosting services, it is basically something that you pay for. What happens is that you find people that give out these services online. If you’re lucky enough then you may be able to find some of them that are operating in your local area. When you hire some people to get some League of Legends boosting then what happens is that they will play with you. Their service will guarantee that you will have an increased in your rank. It doesn’t matter if you lose numerous times, the service will end until you get the rank that you paid for.

A few more important things about ELO boosting

l Cheap ELO boost services are available for players to get. The other thing that you should be mindful of is that these services shouldn’t be too expensive. If you happen to find services that are good and affordable for you then go for them. Plus their target market and players and most LOL players are young so the people providing League boosting services already know that some players aren’t working yet.

l You may have a nice League of Legends ELO boost but if you don’t have the skills to back it up then that can be a bit tricky. Make sure as well that you increase your skill set as you play. When you get to play with these LOL boosting players then you might get a thing or two. Plus they are willing to give you some tips in game.

l Going back to what we said, if your skill doesn’t match up then the LOL boost that you paid for will be pointless. You’ll be dropping ranks faster than you gained it. It would be better if you just buy a high rank account right away if you just like to have a high rank. Account buying in LOL is also available and it saves you the hassle of playing games as you can buy and play accounts that can already be in Gold or Diamond.

Does rank really matter in LOL?

l It is a yes and a no situation. It is a yes because increasing your rank means that your skills are getting better. The benefit of this is that you get to play against other players with the same skill set as you are. This is important because that way you wouldn’t get matched with high ranked players with higher skill sets than yours. Think about you being Silver III being matched up against a Diamond I which is totally unfair.

l Plus if you also have dreams and aspirations of playing professional in League of Legends then you need to have a high rank as there are requirements to it. Plus some teams wouldn’t bother checking and recruiting low ranked players so that’s one other thing.

l Rank would also not matter when you don’t care for it. Keep in mind that there are games that you can play that don’t affect your rank. You can lose all you want but you will stay at your rank. You can also win but not increase your rank. Players usually do this so that they can relieve their selves from the stress of rank matches. Plus some people aren’t too concerned about rank so they just play when they can.

ELO and rank in LOL can be good when it is high. There are some people that wouldn’t bother with it. If you really want to have a higher rank then ELO and rank boosting services are available for you to use.

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