[TFT] Three notable positioning tips from the 2021 TFT Set 5 Reckoning World Championship

[TFT] Three notable positioning tips from the 2021 TFT Set 5 Reckoning World Championship

tft reckoning

Excellent pro-players from the biggest TFT tournament in year 2021: the TFT Set 5 Reckoning World Championship has shown everyone some extremely useful positioning tricks/tips. These tips are what I has been abusing a lot during boosting and affected my ranked games a lot. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Solo frontline Galio

To the majority of TFT players, it’s a good habit to spread your tanks in the frontline so they share the same amount of damage and maximizing their tankiness by lowering the chance of enemies focus-firing your tanks. However, for Galio, it’s better to make him a solo frontline unit due to how his skill “Shield of Durand” and his best item “Gargoyle Stoneplate” work. If you still position Galio and other tank units (Rell, Nautilus…) aside, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of his skill and the AR/MR bonuses from his item.

tft championship

QituX – a chinese player with his perfect Galio positioning.

2. Middle Lucian

Being a ranged carry, Lucian has low defensive stats which is easy to die so players often put him in the corner to protect him and hope he is the last unit to die. This position, however, is only good if you know exactly what opponent you will face – which is nearly impossible before a very late game since there will always be 3 potential opponents you will face. Putting Lucian in one corner is like a 50/50 gambling that is too risky.

tft tips

SMbappe against Zixingche’s Lucian positioned in the middle.

To solve this problem, high elo players have been positioning him in the middle. The positioning will do great against Velkoz and other traditionally cornered carries. The only downside is he will be vulnerable to assassins and Garen/Volibear. If you face these units, it’s still better to hide him in one of the two corners, whichever is safer!

3. Frontline Draven

Frontlining Draven has been a popular position in high elo China ranked lobbies, but up until the TFT Set 5 China Final and TFT Set 5 World Championship, it is well-known by western players and audiences. Draven is the long range carry that has the lowest attack range (3 hexes), which makes him to lose his DPS a lot by having to walk to his target and losing his attacks and axes. By putting Draven in the frontline, he will have more room to attack and catch his axe,  and that improves his DPS massively.

tft tips

Set 5 World Champion – huanmei with his game-winning position against Shircane’s capped Ranger Revenant board.

Not only that, with this positioning, your Draven will also dodge annoying long range threats like Velkoz and Lucian. However, always remember to scout and do not put him in front of Jax/Riven or another Draven in mirror match-up. If you are not confident with your positioning or just lazy to scout every minute, it is fine to position him in the second row as well.

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