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This option is FREE

Did you see how sometimes players changes their flash key and trying to play with another one?
No? That's why it seems like a rather suspicious action, therefore we provide this Extra Option for free.


This option is +15.00% to final price

Do you want to make boosting process completely hidden from your friends?

Add this Extra Option to your purchase and no one of your friends will be able to see your account online through the friendlist while the boosting process!
It is completely safe feature and not forbidden by Riot – our booster will just block IP adress of the PvP chat using the firewall.


This option is +40.00% to final price

With Priority completion option you are paying for the saving your time. Add this feature to your order if you do not like to wait and want to get boost faster than anyone.

This option will be very good deal for you, since we offer 2x speed at just +40% extra charge.


This option is +15.00% to final price

Sometimes our boosters co-operate and playing duo to get your order done faster.

If you dont want to see how our booster playing Duo with someone another you could enable current Extra Option for your boost to be played completely solo.

How Champion Mastery service works?


At Vital-EloBoost, we offer champion mastery ranking service. The process of mastery ranks boosting is really simple – just follow these few single steps to get your desired tier:

1. First, select the champion, then choose current and desired mastery tiers;

2. Select your server;

3. Add desired extra options to your order. It is placed under the price field;

4. Press Checkout and review your order. Fill in your information by the special fields – type your email, league account name, password and summoner name. Choose your region to let us possible to configure VPN;

5. Choose your payment method and press Purchase.

After purchasing the service, you will be instantly receive email with your personal account details at Vital-EloBoost. You will get access to such features like tracking your order status, edit order details and chat with our booster through members area. You can test the demo version of your personal account here.
You will get auto email notification when one of our boosters accept your order. Usually our employees start the boosting process within 30 minutes of taking the order.

An assigned boster will receive your order details and begin the boosting process with your chosen champion within an hour (only the booster who works with the order will know the provided details). In accordance with our policies, our employees are not allowed to add friends and touch your Blue Essence or RP until you allow us to do it. But when our booster get the needed amount of 6\7tiers mastery tokens, he have to spend some BE to promote your champion and continue his work. Please let us know if you are want to promote champion’s tier by yourself.

  • Champion mastery boosting feature was introduced at Vital-EloBoost since we know how pleasantly is showing the tier 7 with every champion to everyone. You could play each game with different champions but still press ctrl+6 and enjoy the tier 7 animation icon above your champion on each one of them. With us you could reach this enjoyment incredibly fast and easy! Since we are talking about high-professional players from Vital-EloBoost, you can expect a fastest completion of your order and you will see each champion of your pool promoted to tier 7 quite soon. In addition, as a bonus, you will receive a lot of Blue Essence which the booster will earn while the execution your order. That’s why we suggest you to try our champion mastery boosting service and let our employees take care of this!
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