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This option is FREE

Did you see how sometimes players changes their flash key and trying to play with another one?
No? Thats why its pretty suspicious action so we provides this Extra Option for free! :)


Preferred Roles option is +5% to final price

This Extra Option would make your boosting process more hidden. Our booster will always follow your selection.
In case if you want booster to dodge games with autofill please use Priority Completion option.



Preferred Champions option is +15.00% to final price

Choose atleast 6-10 champions that you wish to be played as. Booster will use another champions ONLY if your doesnt available. Increasing the pool of champions will speed up the process of searching a booster for your order.
In case if you want us to play 1-5 champions please use Priority Completion option.



This option is +15.00% to final price

Do you want to make boosting process completely hidden from your friends?

Choose this Extra Option and no one would see your account online through the friend list while the boosting process!


This option is +50.00% to final price

Priority completion option guarantees that your order would accepted by booster immediately and done quicker than our estimated completion time!

Also here’s few additional reasons why you should add this extra option to your order:

1. In case if you did add Roles Extra Option to your order booster will dodge games when he have got autofilled to another role!

2. In case if you did add Champions Extra Option to your order we would follow your wish to play even one selected champion only(if didnt get banned)!


This option is +15.00% to final price

Sometimes boosters co-operate and playing duo to get order done more faster.

If you dont want to see how booster playing Duo with another you could enable current Extra Option for your boost to be played completely solo.

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