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此选项是: 免费的



首选位置选项是: 免费的




Preferred Champions option is 免费的


仅当您的英雄被选中,禁止或在自动填充的情况下,如果您没有选择适合该角色的英雄,你的代 打才可以使用其他英雄。增加英雄池以及拒绝次选项将加快为您的订单搜索代打的过程。


此选项是: +40.00%到最终价格

使用优先订单选项,您可以为节省时间而付费。如果您不想等待并希望比任何人更快地获得提升 ,请将此功能添加到您的订单中。



此选项是: +15.00%到最终价格




此选项是: +40.00%到最终价格

如果您对于其他人共享您的帐户信息持怀疑态度,请选择此选项。屏幕共享选项让我们可以在您 眼前提升您的云顶之弈账户!购买后您需要做的就是通过我们网站上您的个人账户聊天联系您 的代打,然后选择屏幕共享应用程序之一,如Anydesk或TeamViewer。

How TFT Division Boost service works?

At Vital-EloBoost, we offer guaranteed division boosts in Teamfight Tactics.
The tft division boosting process is really simple – just follow these single steps to get your desired league:

First, select your current tier, division and league points, then select the desired position and your server;


Add desired extra options to your order. It is placed under the price field;


Press Checkout and review your order. Fill in your information by the special fields – type your email, league account name, password and summoner name – these fields will only be visible to the administration. Choose your region to let us possible to configure VPN;


Choose your payment method and press Purchase.

After purchasing the service, you will instantly receive an email with your personal account details at Vital-EloBoost. You will get access to such features like tracking your order status, edit order details and chat with our booster through members area right after someone of them is assigned to your order. You can test the demo version of your personal account here.
You will get an auto email notification when one of our boosters accepts your order. Usually our employees start the boosting process within 30 minutes of taking the order.

First of all one of our administrators will login to your account and prepare it for boost. An assigned booster will receive your order details and begin the boosting process within 30 minutes after that, but he will not receive the ID and Password of your League account since we’re working through our own launcher that allows our boosters to login using just the order number. In this regard we ask you not to press the button “Sign Out” from the League account after you have placed an order – this may make a problems for the booster to enter the game. If you need it, please contact us via the live chat on the site. Plus, we proceed every order with offline mode included for free, so please let us know if this is not the case. To ensure flawless results in LoL boosting, every of our boosters were hired after a rigorous application process and all of them are highly qualified professional players who were able to provide strong evidence that they are suitable for this job, despite the fact that we are hiring our boosters from Master and higher ranks. In accordance with our policies, our employees are not allowed to add friends and touch your Blue Essence or RP.

A TFT division ELO boosting is a service in which our booster will login and play in your account. But you can add the extra option “Screen share with booster” to your order. This feature was mainly created at our service for the anxious people, who feel themself unable to send account ID and password to anyone else. With this extra option you will play by yourself using screen sharing through discord or any other app and our booster will give you instructions on the game. This way you get the safest method to boost your rank in TFT!

As a rule, boost in TFT takes much less time than in LoL – this is due to the lack of promo series and increased gain of league points. Therefore, we have significantly reduced prices for TFT boost, compared to LoL. You can check detailed information about TFT ELO boost duration times by the special field “Аpproximate completion time” which is located above the price. It will still be possible for you to use your account during the TFT boosting process. You are able to play every normal mode in TFT (no ranked). Just let us know by using our live customer support chat, email: [email protected] or chat with your booster from the members area.

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